More links Heike Bean is a well-known driving competitor and instructor, author of Carriage Driving: A Logical Approach Through Dressage Training. She is one of my colleagues in understanding barefoot trimming and is now doing photo consultations. An Australian website with many natural horse care links. Will Miller teaches barefoot trimming in New Zealand, Australia, Italy, and Southeast Asia.

(2006) New DVD with an introduction to barefoot, and a brief review for people who have completed Will's trimming course. uses a barefoot trim to rehabilitate very lame horses. KBR Horse Ranch promotes barefoot trimming for adopted wild mustangs. Included is a good report on a lecture by Dr. Robert Bowker and farrier Gene Ovnicek. The website for the radio show by the same name. Interviews on leading-edge horse care topics. Cloud 9 Horse Care and Equine Massage. Providing sport massage and acupressure treatment, along with passive stretch exercises and individualized program in Langley, BC, Canada. Gwen Santagate does and teaches barefoot trimming in southern Massachusetts. Joan Adams does and teaches barefoot trimming in eastern Connecticut. Email,, phone 860-642-7918 A police officer gives his point of view on barefoot and natural horse keeping. English version of an Italian website for "barefoot" news. Jenny Edwards in Canada -- "Home to all natural horse care...covers all aspects of natural care: natural boarding; natural hoof trimming; natural horsemanship; natural feeding; natural health" Applied Equine Podiatry Association for professional trimmers trained by KC La Pierre in the UK. Simon Earle Racing. A racing stable in Britain that uses natural horsemanship and provides barefoot care for the horses they train for flat and steeplechase racing. Lazy M Ranch in Alberta, Canada is a guest ranch which offers fishing, birding, and instruction in natural horsemanship and barefoot trimming. AANHCP trained.